Why We Invested in Teachy

3 min readJul 5, 2023


We are excited to announce our investment in Teachy, a Sao Paulo-based edtech using generative AI to offer an order of magnitude improvement to how we teach and learn in Latin America.

The Team

From the moment we met Teachy’s CEO Pedro Siciliano and CTO Fabio Baldissera, we were captivated by their vision, passion, and experience in the space. Pedro has extensive industry background, including roles at the Brazilian Edtech company Descomplica and as a consultant at McKinsey. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Stanford on a merit scholarship after obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME). Fabio, an experienced Machine Learning expert, has held positions at Pix Force, RadSquare, and Andra.ai.

The Problem

Teachers in Latin America dedicate a significant amount of time and personal resources to out-of-classroom work and preparation. Teachy is leveraging AI and ML to alleviate these major teacher pain points by automating and streamlining grading, exam creation, and lesson planning. Furthermore, traditional education methods do not give teachers the ability to tailor materials for individual students, a major capability Teachy is currently developing on the back of cutting-edge AI systems.

Teachy’s platform disrupts this cycle by automating the majority of teachers’ ancillary tasks and offering personalized learning recommendations for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. But their vision doesn’t stop there as Pedro and Fabio seek to build Teachy into a full-service AI-powered learning management system.

The Technology

Teachy’s underlying technology uses generative AI models trained on the Brazilian Base Nacional Curricular Comum (BNCC). The platform can generate an infinite number of unique exercises and tests by specifically supporting students in the individual subject areas where they need it most.

As demand for personalized learning tools in Latin America grows, Teachy’s AI-centric strategy aligns perfectly with this trend. Given the current spotlight on generative AI products like GPT, which are lowering adoption barriers, we look forward to Teachy seizing this opportunity to offer AI-powered educational solutions in a market more receptive than ever before. The impetus for digital transformation in the education sector, hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic, further emphasizes Teachy’s timely entrance into the market.

The Market

With an estimated growth rate of 6% from 2021 to 2026, and with over 120 million students, Teachy seeks to offer teachers the opportunity to offer a superiorly designed solution to deliver student-specific learning materials in all subjects with personalized questions. We are particularly excited about Teachy’s Product-Led Growth strategy, as we’re confident in their ability to win school and district-level enterprise deals with the overwhelming support of individual teachers.

Currently, over 100,000 teachers in Brazil seek outdated question banks on incomplete legacy databases– and currently pay up to $10 a month out-of-pocket for them. These websites also only target a fraction of the total BNCC K-12 curriculum leaving a lot of room for improvement on a major pain point.

NXTP’s investment in Teachy is first and foremost centered on backing a pair of extraordinary entrepreneurs in a space (Edtech) where the application of AI has the potential to provide huge improvements to the way we teach and learn. With over 120 million students in Latin America the opportunity is huge and the impact is potentially immense.




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